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Grant Dawson


Grant taught high-school math for five years, then was a principal of a school in the Caribbean island of Grenada for two years. He came back to Northern Kentucky and worked at Life Learning Center as a teacher, coach, and eventually Associate Director. Interacting with the members there made him realize the need for a faith-based recovery house. Reset was born. After six years at Life Learning Center, Grant took the plunge into small business with a friend. He is now co-owner of Cincy Gutter Boys, which gives a percentage of all income to Reset. He recently started attending Crossroads Church after helping plant a church in Covington and needing to recoup from that. Grant has three kids and the most amazing wife in the world.

Sober Living House Leadership - Erich Switzer

Erich Switzer

Executive Director

Erich’s mission is to change lives impacted by alcohol and drug addiction. He’s lost two siblings and a close friend to the disease, and thought he might even lose his own. His personal recovery journey began over 25 years ago when the Lord began to radically change his life.
Erich started work in the non-profit sector while living in the Philippines in 2009. He became involved with several charities focused on helping children, raising both awareness and funds. He also helped to build a school out of shipping containers for children whose families lived nearby.
He also has over 20 years experience in the business community and has primarily led marketing and business development efforts, working with top firms and organizations in the area. Erich is currently a member of Crossroads church and serves on the prayer team. Erich has attained a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing and Operations Management from the University of Cincinnati, and an MBA from Northern Kentucky University.
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Sheri Releigh-Collins

Women's House Director

Sheri was introduced to Reset through her son, Shane, who was a resident in the Men’s House. She had a desire with her husband to start a sober-living house after seeing first-hand through her son how things could be better in the sober-living world. She has served as the Women’s Director of Reset since it officially opened in July 2015. Sheri did this directly after retiring from decades in the world of Public Education—mostly as a special needs teacher and then in a director/consultant role. She loves the residents as her own and has a huge heart.

Sober Living House Leadership - Wade Campbell

Wade Campbell

Men's House Director

Wade brings a wealth of personal experience to Reset. If fact, his experience begins at the young age of nine when he started experimenting with drugs and alcohol and became addicted. Before coming to Reset as a resident, his history includes so much, including a faith based treatment program and was baptized there. Today Wade works full time at ARC (Addiction Recovery Care) as a chaplain and peer support specialist. He is also a sponsor, helping keep others sober.

After Wade graduated Reset’s program, he was hired as the Men’s House Director part time. He knows exactly how it feels to be where new Reset residents are. Wade now leads by example, helping to get new residents settled and older residents lives’ reshaped.

Kathleen Bachman

Biblical Counselor

Kathleen Bachman has been a biblical counselor for Reset for almost three years. Though trained as an accountant, she studied, read her Bible more, and took a training course in biblical counseling. Kathleen sees herself as more of a discipler than a counselor. She said, “I help people see themselves a new creation, to know who they are in Christ.”

Kathleen wants the women to know that their sessions provide a safe space to laugh, cry, or question God. She says that this opportunity has positively affected her as much as the residents. Kathleen touches the lives of the residents in powerful ways. Reset is blessed to have such a spiritually strong and resourceful biblical counselor.

Reset Ministries' Board

Gary Dawson, Christian Sober Living Founder

Gary Dawson

Emeritus Board Member/Co-Founder

The Bridge Church

Sober Living House Board Member - Grant Dawson

Grant Dawson

Co-Founder/Board Chair

Cincy Gutter Boys

Sober Living House Board Member - Tracie Johnson

Tracie Johnson

Development Chair

T. J. Johnson - State Farm

Sober Living House Board Member - Angie Schultz

Angie Schultz

Finance Chair

Anneken Huey & Moser PLLC

Sober Living House Board Member - Matt Woods

Matt Woods

Governance Chair

Woods Hardware

Sober Living House Board Member - Joe Bradley

Joe Bradley

Board Member


Sober Living House Board Member - Ben Neltner

Ben Neltner

Board Member

Neltner Realty

Mary Talbott

Board Member

Community Volunteer

Sober Living House Board Member - Jenny Albers

Jenny Albers

Board Member

Community Volunteer

Sober Living House Board Member - Barry Long

Barry Long

Board Member

Florence Vineyard - Retired

Sober Living House Board Member - Jesse Carpenter

Jesse Carpenter

Board Member

New Heights Roofing

Sober Living House Board Member - Chris Mueller

Chris Mueller

Board Member


Heather Bowman

Board Member

Community Volunteer