Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be accepted into Reset?
Reset is available to men and women with troubled pasts who are looking to make radical changes toward a fulfilled future. Residents must be employed or actively looking for work, and willing to participate in counseling, scheduled events, and serious accountability. Residents do not have to be ex-offenders to be a part of Reset.
The residents in Reset housing do pay rent--$325 per month (which includes all utilities). Beyond that, the only cost is the hard work that they will have to put in to radically change their lives.
If you are interested in what Reset has to offer, visit the Become A Resident page for more information. Fill out the forms on that page and you will be sent more information concerning expectations, and will eventually have the chance to interview with house members and outside leaders of Reset to determine if this is a good fit.
The leaders of Reset are Jesus followers who have a heart to see people fulfill the destiny that God has in store for them. We come from a variety of church backgrounds, but ultimately agree that Jesus Christ is the only answer for the troubles that people face.
You do not have to profess to be a Christian to enter Reset. However, knowing that Reset believes that a relationship with Jesus Christ is the only way to achieve radical & lasting change and will base much of its mandatory offerings around that belief, you will want to at least be open to Jesus.
Reset is an all-volunteer organization, which minimizes costs. Funds to fuel the residents of Reset and the ministry itself come from rents, entrepreneurial ventures, an annual banquet, Kroger Community Rewards, and the generous support of individuals who believe that restored lives are worth investing in.
Visit our Get Involved page for more information about contributing and volunteering to help Reset.
Yes.  Send us an email or write us at Reset Ministries PO Box 72473 Newport, KY 41072 with your request and we will send you a copy.