Biblical Counseling

The biblical counseling program brings a spiritual component to the resident's healing and restoration as they work through past traumas and difficult life experiences. It provides spiritual and emotional support, giving the residents the tools and guidance needed to establish healthy relationships and boundaries. One measure of our success is the number of graduates coming back to coach and walk alongside current residents.

One of our graduates, Lori, has completed the biblical counseling program so she can counsel others in the program.

Lori described her journey at Reset: "God opened the door to a new life that I never saw for myself." Reset became her family and then made it possible to restore her biological family. Lori is a single mom with a full-time salaried position “High-performance Team Coordinator" at an engineering firm. She has completed the biblical counseling certificate in addition to working towards a Masters in Industrial Psychology.

Even though Lori was sober, working and parenting her son, she continued to believe she was not good enough. As she was working through the biblical counseling exercise, praying Ephesians 1 over herself daily, Lori stepped into a new confidence to believe her God design.

She remembers the day after over two years in her position that she was able to look her boss in the eye. “This exercise completely changed me and made me more confident in my workplace and in sharing my story.

“There’s a difference in people that are in recovery and trying to make it and people who are recovering and have God as their center,” Lori says. And her new life is a great example of that Truth.