What Makes Reset Different?

•  Reset is not a stand-alone theoretical program or a sober-living house with little to no program to produce change, but a residential program that combines a transformative program with the environment to walk out that transformation in everyday situations.

•  Reset receives no government funding, which means less restrictions and no drain on taxpayers

•  Volunteers are a blend of people who have walked in the shoes of addiction and recovery as well as compassionate people who offer their time, talents, and experience

•  Reset offers beautiful, dignified housing that residents are proud to call home

Recovery in Newport Kentucky

Compare Reset to the typical sober living house or rehab facilitity and you'll see the difference.


Sober Living Houses: Average Rent Of $400 per month

Rehabilitation Treatment Centers: Thousands of dollars per month paid either by resident's family or taxpayers

Reset: Rent of $390/month with matching resident savings

Sober Living Houses: 3-4 People Per Bedroom

Rehabilitation Treatment Centers: Institutional environment

Reset: Beautiful, spacious home with 1-2 per bedroom

Sober Living Houses: Requirements include going to outside meetings and staying sober

Rehabilitation Treatment Centers: Comprehensive program with many requirements

Reset: Comprehensive program with requirements to graduate

Sober Living Houses: Must have job and income to stay busy and pay rent

Rehabilitation Treatment Centers: No job

Reset: 30 days to find a job with support until job is acquired

Sober Living Houses: Out there in the "real world"

Rehabilitation Treatment Centers: Sheltered from the "real world"

Reset: In the "real world" with a buffer and support