• Reset is not a stand-alone theoretical program or a sober-living house with little to no program to produce change, but a residential program that combines a transformative program with the environment to walk out that transformation in everyday situations.
  • Reset receives no government funding, which means less restrictions and no drain on taxpayers
  • Volunteers are a blend of people who have walked in the shoes of addiction and recovery as well as compassionate people who offer their time, talents, and experience
  • Reset offers beautiful, dignified housing that residents are proud to call home

Sober Living Houses

  • Average Rent Of $400 per month
  • Often 3-4 People Per Bedroom
  • Requirements include going to outside meetings and staying sober
  • Must have job and income to stay busy and pay rent
  • Out there in the "real world"


  • Rent of $325/month with matching resident savings
  • Beautiful, spacious home with 1-2 per bedroom
  • Comprehensive program with requirements to graduate
  • 30 days to find a job with support until job is acquired
  • In the "real world" with a buffer and support

Rehabilitation Treatment Centers

  • Typically thousands of dollars per month paid either by resident's family or taxpayers
  • Institutional environment
  • Comprehensive program with many requirements
  • Typically no job
  • Sheltered from the "real world"


  • When I read through the Bible at the Reset House, it changed my perspective on everything. I realized that I didn’t have to be afraid of new things. God was going to take care of me one way or the other. It’s crazy how fear holds us back and how faith allows us to step into all kinds of new opportunities. Who knows what will be next?

    Travis Weedn

Travis Weedn came to the Reset House straight from a drug rehabilitation center. He was eager to reconnect with Jodi, the soon-to-be mother of his first child who had wisely told him that he would need to become a new man in order to be involved in their lives. Anxious, bewildered, and afraid, Travis embodied the recovery slogan of “one day at a time”. Slowly but surely, though, he proved that this time was different to Jodi, her family, and even to himself. Studying the Bible, Travis added truth and confidence to his already sweet spirit. He eventually defied all expectations by becoming assertive enough to be the house manager. After Travis graduated he married Jodi. They have their hands full with three beautiful young children. Jodi has worked her way through school and is a nurse, and Travis has just left his job of four years to work part-time and go to college full-time studying to become a computer programmer. And to top it all off, they just bought their first home. It’s unbelievable to the people that knew them only four years ago, and Travis serves as an inspiration to the men of the Reset House when he comes back and visits.

Dave Ramey was the first House Manager of the Reset Men’s House when it opened in the Fall of 2010. Dave was not only a great house manager, but he was also instrumental in setting the culture of the house and developing the policies of Reset. After a year in the house, Dave trained the next house manager and got married to Monica, an amazing Christian woman, and became a stepdad to her two teenage children. Currently Dave is in college studying to become a director of a non-profit and is a leader at the Reset Men’s house. His wife, Monica, volunteers at the Reset Women’s House as a Bible Study teacher and counselor.

  • I’ve been involved in a lot of rehab facilities and recovery programs—both as a participant and as a staff/volunteer. Reset is, hands down, the best thing I’ve seen to help people not just get clean and sober, but to gain ‘life to the fullest’. That’s why I love being involved here!

    Dave Ramey

  • I was in a dark place when I came into the Reset House. I guess I really didn’t know what a successful life looked like, but at the house I was surrounded by successful people that actually cared about me. Reset changed my life because the people around me showed me that I can be successful too.

    Brian Berry

Brian Berry found himself wandering through life without much of a plan. Living with his parents in government housing at the age of 30 with a criminal conviction in his past, the future did not look too bright for Brian. With a nudge from friends who believed that Reset could propel him to a better life, Brian reluctantly took a chance. Brian had to start at the bottom—cleaning the streets of Covington through a work program collaboration developed by Reset, Life Learning Center, and the Covington Business Council. He learned how to become a steady worker and developed a new identity with the Biblical truth that he gained at the Reset House. He started believing that his Heavenly Father had a beautiful plan for his life. He eventually went on an international mission trip, secured a great job at Coca-Cola, and became the third graduate of the Reset House. Brian eventually earned a promotion at Coca-Cola and was transferred to North Carolina. He hopes to marry the godly woman that he is dating (Jenn) and is plugged into a great church there. He still keeps in touch with Reset on a regular basis.


Grant Dawson

Grant Dawson

  • Founder

Grant taught high-school math for five years, then was a principal of a school in the Caribbean island of Grenada for two years. He came back to Northern Kentucky and worked at Life Learning Center as a teacher, coach, and eventually Associate Director. Interacting with the members there made him realize the need for a faith-based recovery house. Reset was born. After six years at Life Learning Center, Grant took the plunge into small business with a friend. He is now co-owner of Gutter Boys Exterior Cleaning, which gives a percentage of all income to Reset. He recently started attending Crossroads Church after helping plant a church in Covington and needing to recoup from that. Grant has three kids—a 12-year old and twin 11-year olds—and the most amazing wife in the world.

Dave Ramey

Dave Ramey

  • Men's House Director

Dave spent a little over 20 years of his life in active addiction. He has been clean and sober now for 8 years. Currently, he is finishing his 3rd year of Social Work studies in hopes to be more effective at helping individuals in need and pursuing a career in the helping profession. Dave was the first resident/house manager of the men’s house and has been involved with Reset at varying degrees for the majority of its history and currenlty serves as the Men’s House Director. Dave also attends all Board meetings as the Men’s Director and as a much-needed voice from someone who has walked through addiction, incarceration, and recovery.

Sheri Raleigh-Collins

Sheri Raleigh-Collins

  • Women's House Director

Sheri was introduced to Reset through her son, Shane, who was a resident in the Men’s House. She had a desire with her husband to start a sober-living house after seeing first-hand through her son how things could be better in the sober-living world. She has served as the Women’s Director of Reset since it officially opened in July 2015. Sheri did this directly after retiring from decades in the world of Public Education—mostly as a special needs teacher and then in a director/consultant role. She loves the women residents as her own and has a huge heart.