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In case you missed it live, Reset was featured on 55 WKRC here in Cincinnati this week. The feature was during the Brian Thomas show, and you can listen to Grant and Erich’s interview below. Fast forward to the 79:30 mark to hear the full interview....

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We all make mistakes; it’s part of being human.  If you are not making them then maybe you are too much of a perfectionist or not taking risks.  We learn more from our mistakes than our successes.  I’m not saying to make mistakes deliberately, but ...

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Dignified Housing

Reset offers dignified housing that provides individuals with furniture and start-up necessities as well as like-minded, positive roommates. Our men's housing option is on Isabella Street in Newport--a gorgeous eight-bedroom house with a game room, weight room, community washers and dryers, and meeting rooms.

Biblical Truth

An inside-out change occurs as men and women are exposed to the fact that they are God's creation and that He wants a deeper relationship with them. Weekly Recovery meetings and Bible studies allow the residents to lean on and learn from each other, as well as people from the Reset family who are further along in their spiritual walks.

Growth Opportunities

Knowing that being stagnant and isolated are triggers for destructive patterns in the lives of broken individuals, there is a steady lineup of offerings throughout the week. In addition to the recovery meetings, and Bible studies, there are life skills classes, hangout nights, community outreaches, and more.

Employment Opportunities

Through partnering agencies and companies with healthy environments, the men and women in Reset find employment opportunities to which they would not normally have access. There is no guarantee of a job placement right away, but after periods of training and proving themselves, our ex-offenders find doors being opened that would otherwise be slammed shut.

Hope For The Future

The men and women of Reset are surrounded by a support system of coaches, mentors, and employers that inspire them to dream big and help them to get there. The residents begin to see that there is more for their lives than short-lived coping mechanisms, dead-end jobs, and broken relationships--which motivates them to keep pushing away from their past and propelling toward a bright future.

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